AIEK Card Phone M4 with Dual SIM

5.8 mm Ultra Slim Card Phone

Solution: MTK6261M, Quad Band, Dual SIM Card

0.96′ OLED, Double Color, 5 PIN USB

320mAh Li-polymer Battery

Buletooth, Vibration, MP3, FM

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AIEK Card Phone M4 Features

1. The World’s Thinnest Mobile Phone

Card phone M4  is Ultra slim, portable – only 5.8mm thickness, credit card size. You can put it in your wallet. AIEK M4 is a perfect standby phone, it is portable and convenient, especially for the person who use two phone numbers and have to carry two mobile phones together at the same time.

2. Low Radiation – Safe and Healthy

AIEK M4 card phone radiation is 0.28 w/kg, which is far below the EU 1.6 w/kg and the United States 2.0W/kg cell phone radiation standards. Low radiation more healthy and safe, specially for pregnant mothers and students.

3. Long Standby

AIEK M4 can standby for 3 to 4 days, even the battery only 320mAh.

4. Cool Fashion Designs

3 colors are available. Let you out of the ordinary.

Do you still have these troubles? Smart phone give us convenience, but also bring us some inconvenience as well. Such as low headed group, taking more space, radiation. 

AIEK card phone M4 can solve above problem. It is high class, fashion, simple, noble and colorful.

Card phone M4 is as small as a bank card. It is ultra slim to 5.8mm, easy to carry. You can put it into your wallet.

Mini phone M4 is only 38g weight. pretty light.

For sense of sight, we use high class screen with high coating, colorful and anti-scratch for card phone M4.

AIEK card phone M4 turns beautiful when led light on. Keypad is shown with beauty.

This super slim phone M4 has strong vibration to remind you of any call.

Card phone M4 supports standard SIM and micro SIM, for dual standby.

AIEK phone M4 has long standby up to 3 days, with 320 mAh li-polymer battery.

Normal phone radiation is 2.1 w/kg. But our card phone M4 is only 0.283 w/kg, really healthy to all people.

AIEK M4 only has simple function without any game, and no internet. Just phone call, message, music etc. Good for children to avoid disturbing study. 

Black, red, blue and yellow are available for AIEK mobile phone M4. Choosing your own color.

No matter who you are, where you are, AIEK mini phone M4 can catches attention all around you.



Brand Story

AIEK is built by Shenzhen AIEK Technology Co., LTD., in 2008, which company is a is a leader of card mobile phone, light phone, mini phone and mobile communication terminal product's development, production, sales and after-sales service in one of the high-tech manufacturer. AIEK commit to deep research and development as the core, focusing on differentiated product research and production as the basis for consumers to provide high-quality products, provide a strong technical support, and equipped with excellent after-sales service guarantee, and ultimately provide consumers with excellent all- AIEK "brand experience.

SOYES is designed by German engineer, invested and made by AIEK company. It is mainly design and produce various personalized mobile products. Always pursue personalized, innovative, stylish and easy to use mobile products. To the movement and health as the core concept, to meet user needs, and share the design passion with the user. SOYES's design or production have made the international leading edge. Professional quality control to ensure that the excellent products, to bring consumers a comfortable and perfect experience. SOYES lead a taste of international quality, enjoy the simple and practical mobile digital new life.