The Card Phone Reviews – About The Card Phone

About the size of a credit card and only able to make and take calls, which one is also called card phone, promises to help you temporarily disconnect from your smartphone.

About The Card Phone

Designed to be used as little as possible as a seamless extension of your smartphone, the credit card-sized Phone only allows you to make and take calls.

For those times you don’t need the internet in your pocket, but do need a little peace of mind, the unlocked 2G GSM Light Phone is all about minimalization.

Its intentionally limited functionality removes texting from the equation and features just ten speed dials, vibrate and ringtone modes, and a desktop app with Mac, Windows, and Linux support, while allowing you to keep your same number.

Based on its diminutive design and limited features, it’s clear that Card Phone might be able to help you “leave your smartphone behind and enjoy peace of mind”.

But is this what you’re really getting for your money, or are you being sold an image, more so and than a real-world solution to over stimulation? The Card Phone raises some interesting questions, and here, we’ll help you find some answers in the next.